Welcome onBoard!

Welcome to the onBoard website! During 2018 we have been rebuilding and enhancing this site with the goal of providing up-to-date, helpful resource material to community legal clinic board members from across the province of Ontario.  We recognize that clinic board members have a wide range of experience from fresh new recruits to experienced clinic veterans, and of course those with experience in variety of community organizations and services.  As in the past we are committed to providing clinic board members with the tools, training, and resource materials they need to govern effectively. 


As we continue to update the website some of its navigation will be changing and new material will be added regularly.  Be sure to look for new navigation tabs and please visit the site regularly to explore new information and resources.   We welcome your interest and feedback and encourage you to keep in touch via the Contact tab at the top right of this page.


Board Development Advisory Committee (BDAC)

We have re-established a small governance advisory group to provide input on content, presentation, and priorities for the site and other resources such as live and recorded webinars and links to related websites.  If you’re interested in participating, please let us know through the Contact tab above.

The BDAC members can visit the BDAC Members page to access all current materials using their user name and password.