What's New at the BSWG!
May , 2015    Volume#36

website: www.onboardlegalclinics.org

email: contact@onboardlegalclinics.org


'On Demand' Webinars Are Back!

The BSWG is pleased to announce that any clinic board interested in holding one of its webinar or webcast topics at an upcoming board meeting can do so by contacting the BSWG at webinars@onboardlegalclinics.org.  This can be done at a board meeting or with everyone calling in from a remote location – or a combination of the two! For a complete list of all training topics currently available, please go to the Training Toolspage of the website and review the topics provided under both 'Webinars' and 'Webcasts'.  Remember – evening sessions can be arranged provided the start time is no later than 7:00 p.m.

More Bite Size Piece Being Released

Recently the members of the BSWG agreed to release more Bite Size Pieces (BSP) topics; the plan is for these to be available to all clinic boards before the end of June.  Bite Size Pieces are self-directed learning modules tailored specifically for clinic boards.  They can be facilitated by board members at a board meeting (each module is no longer than 20 minutes) and are an easy and totally no-cost way to cover important governance areas - just ask Kenn Hale at ACTO whose board makes use of them regularly! Check out the BSPs already available on the BSWG website by going to the Training Tools page at: 


See You at the ACLCO AGM

The BSWG will be presenting a governance training session at this year's ACLCO AGM on May 22nd.  The topic – Board Succession Planning & Recruitment – will be of interest to all board members who want to help their clinic board attract and retain the best volunteer board talent possible.  The session will cover the various processes that link to effective board recruitment and will show participants how to access the many board recruitment tools available on the BSWG website.

Help the BSWG Plan for the Future

As part of its continuous improvement efforts, the BSWG has developed a very short, simple survey that it is asking all clinic volunteer board members to complete.  The information collected will be an important input to the development of a refreshed BSWG strategic/business plan and will help the group better understand what new learning topics and techniques are most valued by its audience.
The survey link will be available in a number of ways:
  • Posted on the home page of the BSWG website;
  • Sent to all clinic Executive Directors for forwarding to their board members; and
  • Via a special bulletin with the link going out to all those on the BSWG distribution list

Although it is hoped that most people will complete the survey online, Executive Directors can also provide a hard copy of the survey to any board member wishing to complete it manually.

The BSWG - we're ready when you are!

BSWG Members
Osmand Bangura,
Board Member, African Canadian  Legal Clinic
Dina Biro, Board Member Hamilton Community Legal Clinic
Saleem Hall (Chair), Board Member, Neighbourhood Legal Services 
Marnie Hayes, Manager, Clinic Learning & Development, Legal Aid Ontario
Chris Killoran, Office Manager, South Ottawa Community Legal Services
Abdul Majeed, Board Member, North Peel & Dufferin Legal Services
Linda Rochon, Board Member, Windsor-Essex Bilingual Legal Clinic
Carene Smith, Staff Lawyer, QSO, Legal Aid Ontario
Brent Wilcox - Board Member, Northumberland Community Legal Centre