What's New at onBoard!

January 2018

In early 2017, Legal Aid Ontario transferred the responsibility for clinic learning and training to ACLCO on a pilot basis which included funding for both staff and volunteer training.  A new ACLCO committee known as the Clinic Learning and Training Committee was formed in 2017 to replace the former joint committee.  Funding for ACLCO's Board Development program was reinstated in mid 2017 and has been re-approved by the Clinic Learning and Training Committee for 2018, allowing for the development of an updated board development webinar program and updates to this website.

More Webinars in 2018!

This year we have presented seven more live webinars.  You have told us that these webinars are the most accessible, convenient, and effective way of reaching out to the 70 plus Community Legal Clinics across Ontario.  All of these webinars will be recorded and posted on this website (see Archived Webinars tab) for convenient viewing or re-viewing either individually or in groups at local board meetings.

For information on live webinars planned for 2018-19, please navigate to the Upcoming Webinars tab or for previously recorded webinars navigate to the Archived Webinars tab


During the 2018 year ACLCO Clinic Learning and Training contracted with Jim Sykes, the recently retired Executive Director at Justice Niagara and experienced governance trainer.  Jim brings thirty plus years of not-for-profit leadership focused strongly on governance and leadership development to our program.  

See you at the ACLCO AGM - Spring of 2019 - Dates and Location to be announced!  

As always we will also be presenting a Board Development session on the Friday morning at this year's ACLCO AGM