ALERT: Due to Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) funding cuts to the Clinic Learning & Training program, the ACLCO is no longer able to offer board development materials.  This website will not be available as of August 30, 2019. 

For information about clinic board development resources, please contact LAO’s Clinic Law Services Division at

What's New at onBoard!

Summer 2019

Board Member Learning Opportunities – Don’t miss out!


The Association of Community Legal Clinics (ACLCO), Clinic Learning and Training Committee (CLTC) and your Board Development Advisory Committee (BDAC) remind ALL Board Members to review our Learning Library for key topics to share and discuss at your next board meeting. You can access all training materials on the Archived Webinars and Current Webinars pages. 


Website Transition – Coming Soon!  The website will soon be moving.  Details of the move and about the new look and feel will be updated during the summer.


Please also be sure to bookmark and visit the Save the Clinics Campaign site. This website is accessible to all Clinic Board Members.  #Justice4All

May 2019

Have you Registered yet? Dont miss these learning opportunities!

The Association of Community Legal Clinics (ACLCO), Clinic Learning and Training Committee (CLTC) and your Board Development Advisory Committee (BDAC) remind ALL Board Members of this valuable opportunity:  The Community Clinic Board Member Learning and Development Series for 2019.



Please note that registration for all webinars and upcoming learning events will be available on the OnBoardLegalClinics site.  Please bookmark and check the Current Webinars page often for learning events scheduled from April to July 2019. 

Board Members – if would like to join our Board Member email list, please click here.

March 2019

In early 2017, Legal Aid Ontario transferred the responsibility for clinic learning and training to ACLCO on a pilot basis which included funding for both staff and volunteer training. This pilot has been continued through to 2020.  The ACLCO committee known as the Clinic Learning and Training Committee was formed in 2017 to replace the former joint committee.  Funding for ACLCO's Board Development program was reinstated in mid 2017 and has been re-approved by the Clinic Learning and Training Committee for 2018 and 2019, allowing for the development of an updated board development webinar program, updates to this website, and new board member in-person learning sessions.


In the fall of 2018, the Board Development Advisory Committee (made up of Legal Clinic Board Members from the North, South, East, South West Regions, including representation from speciality clinic boards), to provide insights and input into the development of board training offerings.  

The BDAC, meets regularly with an established Terms of Reference and Mandate in place.  Questions or comments on Board Development can be relayed to the BDAC by contacting


Dear Board Members, 

We are in the midst of designing board development offerings for 2019 and would like your input. please complete the survey below which will not take more than 5 minutes however feedback from all clinic board members will be critical to ensure we are best meeting your learning and development needs.

click here to participate in the survey: 

Deadline to complete the survey is March 18, 2019. 

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

More Webinars in 2019!

This year we will be presenting more live webinars.  You have told us that these webinars are the most accessible, convenient, and effective way of reaching out to the 70 plus Community Legal Clinic Boards across Ontario.  Most of these webinars will be recorded and posted on this website (see Archived Webinars) for convenient viewing or re-viewing either individually or in groups at local board meetings.

For information on live webinars or to register for 2018-19 webinar series, please navigate to the Current Webinars or for previously recorded webinars navigate to Archived Webinars page.


For 2019, The ACLCO Clinic Learning and Training Committee and BDAC, are working with BoardRx. BoardRx brings a wealth of past experience in board learning and development for legal clinic boards, and many years of expertise in HR matters and Board Governance.  To learn more about BoardRX click here.

The  2018 Board Development was brought to you by ACLCO Clinic Learning and Training and Subject Matter Expert, Jim Sykes, the recently retired Executive Director at Justice Niagara and experienced governance trainer.  Jim brings thirty plus years of not-for-profit leadership focused strongly on governance and leadership development to our program.  

Upcoming Events:

Board Development Webinar Series of Spring 2019. For more Information and to register please visit the Current Webinars page. 

For more Information and to register please visit the Current Webinars page. 

ACLCO AGM - Spring of 2019 

As always the ACLCO will also be presenting a Board Development Workshop, facilitated by BoardRx on the Friday morning at this year's ACLCO AGM.

Date:  April 26-27, 2019

Location:  Oakum House, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON

Registration:  Due to capacity restrictions as this event, there are two spots per clinic to attend. 

Typically, one board member and one staff member. However, there is a waiting list for additional attendance for a fee.  Please contact your Clinic Executive Director or Trudi at the ACLCO for more information.